Shaft Alignment


IME has acquired precision equipment like Laser Shaft Alignment System V180, which aligns with precision motors, generators and other rotating machines. The V180 is a fully digital system that determines the relative position of an axis in respect to another, in relation to the parallel and angular misalignment. Both measurements are made in the vertical and horizontal plane for quick and reliable alignment.



Dynamic balancing in rotary machines


The procedures followed by IME  for balancing work , are performed under ISO standard G 2,5 (ISO 1940/1 ) taking into account the type of machine , weights and speeds to ensure a high degree of accuracy and safe vibration levels in the machines. The balancing module CSI team 2130A2 allows balancing of multiplane machines quickly, easily and with a user friendly interface. In addition to that it allows the detection of structural problems that can affect the balancing procedure.



Disassembling and assembling of equipment