IME leading company in Colombia in providing high engineering services, equipment and technological systems for industry and all companies that require  to optimize the efficiency and durability of its infrastructure and operated equipment or generators.

IME supports the operation of large and medium enterprises by providing integrated solutions for the proper management of its assets, allowing optimal levels of reliability and efficiency, to achieve the following:


  • Monitor the various electrical and mechanical conditions of machinery and devices.
  • Proactively diagnose possible mechanical or electrical failures of  equipment, reducing unexpected and unnecessary costs stops.
  • Establish programs for mechanical and electrical preventative maintenance.
  • Perform on-site assembly and disassembly
  • Repair and maintenance of electric motors and generators
  • Acquire through IME :  engines, gearboxes, generators, mechanical equipment, etc., as well as CSI monitoring equipment.


IME´s experience, constant updating and innovation, has positioned it as an important ally of the companies in high-voltage testing and implementation of RELIABILITY strategies (testing and preventive maintenance).

IME employs more than 50 employees and currently operates in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, with the capacity to serve all customers in the Caribbean and South America.



IME is constantly researching and updating their equipment, working methods and software, this is how we count with state-of-the-art technology.



International Advisory


IME is an active member of EASA, Electrical Apparatus Services Association, allowing you to have the information and the latest technology worldwide.


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Customer service


Our clients have an availability of 24 hours a day and after-sales service responds to your requests and constantly looks for the best solution.




IME according to the customers’ needs, has implemented training programs that are available for you.



Engineering support


IME offers customers the Mechanical and Electronic Electrical comprehensive service through its select group of engineers in each area, who are highly qualified, with extensive experience and ongoing training, involved in the improvement and control of all processes and also provide technical advice to the clients.




To ensure quality and compliance with technical requirements, IME applies the latest and most proven techniques in each process, being currently certified with the quality system according to ISO 9001.