Mechanical Predictive Maintenance - Vibration Analysis


The main reason is the  early detection of mechanical faults in rotating machines, thus lower costs for unexpected or unscheduled stops, this way efficiency, reliability and availability of the equipment operation is obtained.


Different types of mechanical failures can be diagnosed through vibration analysis:


  • Structural failure.
  • Resonance.
  • Misalignment.
  • Failure of bearings and gears.
  • Imbalance.
  • Mechanical clearance.
  • Eccentricity and broken bars.
  • Cavitation in pumps.



Static Electrical Testing - Analysis of Isolationos


The main reason for predictive electrical static maintenance is early detection of problems in the deterioration of the insulation and condition of the state in the electrical system of the motor, so you can schedule maintenance without generating costs BY


  • Repair ground fault in an motor.
  • Repair dashboards and controls BY shortcircuits in motor leads.
  • Unexpected or unscheduled stops.



Electric dynamic tests - Explorer 3000


The main reason for dynamic electrical predictive maintenance (Explorer 3000) is early detection of problems of power quality, and condition of the electric motors.




Thermographic, Electrical and Mechanical Analysis


The main reason for thermographic predictive maintenance is early detection of faults in the deterioration of thermal insulation, excessive heating in equipments. This way we can schedule maintenance by:


  • Repair of motors due to bearing failure or lack of proper ventilation.
  • Fatigue by thermal deterioration of materials.
  • Short circuit connections and unexpected or unscheduled stops.


Thermographic Predictive Maintenance performs studies using the high-resolution thermal images. The check includes the entire energy chain, as follows:


  • Generation (insulators, terminals, etc.)
  • Transmission (boards: terminal connections, terminal blocks, bars, etc.)
  • Distribution (insulators, transformers, lines, etc.)