Repair and Maintenance of Electric Motors and Generators



Repair and maintenance that IME offers covers the following aspects: electrical, mechanical and electronic


  • Repair using controlled pyrolysis oven (only in Colombia) that allows energy savings when operating your equipment.
  • Maintenance of AC and DC motors and generators, as well as the ones with low and high voltage.
  • Bondings.
  • Metalworking construction and redesign of parts
  • Rewinding of motors running variable with speed.
  • Latest technology using a SPREADER 1500 to manufacture coils for motors and generators, high-voltage coils obtaining coils with exceptional uniformity, quality and reliability at minimum delivery times.
  • Redesign of motors and generators.
  • Balance on site and on bench.


Advanced Technology




High capacity


IME has facilities and equipment for working motors and generators up to 10,000 hp, 13,800V and cargo handling up to 60 tons, it also has a responsible plant personnel that enables the agility required for customers.





For this service you can communicate 24 hours a day at cell phone number 315 5573317