(Control, potencia, arranques, maniobra)

We manage processes and initiatives for the implementation of systems with programmatic  tools to an optimum and professional level , consolidating a service model  and automated solutions with a  practical and innovative approach to meet the requirements of customers, offering High-tech equipment for the industry (PLC'S, soft starters, Starters Star Delta, Starts Direct, speed variation, Relay, Boards, etc.)  great brands worldwide (SIEMENS, WEG, Danfoss, Schneider Electric, ABB, Yaskawa) that guarantee the reliability of processes





Centralized Power Management Systems


  • Grounding Systems

- Measurement

- Diagnosis

- Improvement


  • Power measurement systems

- Capture of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power)

- Consumption monitoring

- Quality Power information

- Alarm Management




  • Building of networks


  • Centralized  Power Management System

- Display of parameters online

- Automatic generation of consumer reports

- Load profiles

- Supervision software, control and data acquisition ( SCADA )



Automation Systems



  • Electronic Control Boards
  • Programmable Controllers (PLCs)
  • Operator dialogue terminals (HMI)
  • Supervision software, control and data acquisition ( SCADA )



Motor Control System


  • Soft starters


The use of soft starters allows you to: Reduce the current peaks and eliminate voltage drops on the line, reduce starting torques , speed up, slow down or brake smoothly for the safety of objects transported, start  machines gradually , especially those with high inertia , protect the motor and the machine with a full protection  system, monitor and control the motor  remotely.
Find them in brands like Schneider Electric, Siemens, Danfos and Weg.



  • Variable speed drive


Electronic devices that allow you to vary the speed and braking of three-phase asynchronous motors, making fixed frequency and voltage network in varying magnitudes. Make use of a drive when you need it: Domain torque and speed control without mechanical shocks, complex movements.


  • Smart motors control center


- Centralization of motors in plant

- Link network reduces costs by wiring and maintenance

- Motor management (consumption, states, times of operations, alarms, etc.)