CSI2140 y CSI2125 Vibration Analyzer

Analizador de Vibraciones y Balanceo


The CSI2140 Machinery Health Analyzer is best in class for speed and performance in vibration data collection and field analysis.


• Easy data collection and powerful analysis tools in a single unit
• 4-channel data collection for faster route completion and advanced diagnostics
• Embedded intelligence guides test set up and data analysis
• Ergonomically designed to improve usability in the field
• Convenient uploading of data wirelessly to AMS Suite from the field










The CSI 2125-IS Machinery Health Analyzer complements your existing route-based maintenance program by allowing machinery monitoring in intrinsically safe areas.


• Intrinsically safe ATEX Zone 0 and IECEx certified for monitoring the health of machines in hazardous area locations.
• Emerson’s PeakVue technology allows for earlier detection of bearing and gear defects.
• Integration with AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager keeps the data for all your assets in a single database.
• The combination touchscreen LCD and dual-entry keys is a convenient approach to facilitating left and right-hand operation.
• The intuitive user interface requires less training, faster implementation.




CSI6500 Online Machinery Monitoring

Sistema de Monitoreo en Línea 




The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects. Housed in a single chassis, the CSI 6500 combines proven prediction and protection to provide a complete online machinery monitoring solution. Emerson is the global leader of integrated technologies for process automation and plant-wide predictive technologies for managing both fixed and rotating assets.








CSI 6500MS

- Powerful pre-configured machinery health monitoring package
- Continual monitoring of essential assets without the complex set up of a typical online monitoring system
- Real-time overall vibration updates and machinery health analysis parameters
- Instant notification of vibration alerts
- Earliest detection of gearbox and bearing faults with PeakVue™ technology

Applications for the CSI 6500MS
- Essential plant machinery, including compressors, expanders, fans, and blowers
- Machine applications, including excavators, dumper trucks, cranes, conveyors
- Non API 670 protection applications
- Space-restricted installations (half the size of a typical protection system)
- Difficult-to-access, remote, unsafe, or skid mount applications



CSI9420 Wireless Vibration Monitoring

Wireless Vibration Monitoring




The CSI 9420 delivers complete vibration information, including high resolution spectra and waveform, over a self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel.



CSI5200 Lubrication Analysis

Oil Analyzer





The CSI 5200 allows for onsite testing of machinery oils and lubricants.
• Comprehensive coverage of chemistry contamination and wear eliminates the need for multiple analyzers and constant off-site testing
• More accurate results and easier diagnosis
• Save steps for Wear Debris Analysis with integrated method of patch preparation
• Covered by ASTM Standard Practice ASTM D7416-08




CSI2600 Portable Machinery Monitoring

Portable Machinery Monitoring


• Portable, 24-channel machinery health monitor and analyzer helps troubleshoot your entire machine or group of machines
• Includes transient analysis for turbo machinery startup, coast down, and production state monitoring
• Monitor and record all channels continuously and simultaneously for hours, days, or weeks – unattended
• AMS Suite integration saves time and facilitates multi-technology integration
• PeakVue technology can be added for early identification of bearing wear in paper machines, rolling mills, complex gearboxes and rolling element bearing machines




AMS Suit: Machinery Health Manager


AMS Machinery Manager provides you with the tools that you need to determine your plant's machinery health.
• Analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of machinery health
• Real-time asset health integration with process automation systems
• Integration with multiple predictive maintenance technologies for a complete picture of mechanical asset health
• Interface to PlantWeb and other AMS Suite applications to operate your entire plant with confidence