Vibration analysis program


Course Description


The training program in Vibration Analysis and machine diagnose offers different opportunities to study the principles of vibration in unique ways that go beyond textbook, providing real industrial world applications.


Besides knowing the theories and techniques, our courses:
• Are consistent with ISO 18436-2 Monitoring condition for vibration and diagnosis.
• Aligned to ISO 18436-3 Requirements for training program and the training process.
•Contain procedures that add practical knowledge from the machines.
• Provide case studies to analyze various types of machinery and
•Includes workshops and demonstrations that illustrate methods for solving vibration problems.


The certification program as vibration analyst from the Vibration Institute is an industry benchmark because of its recognition as one of the highest standards of knowledge and expertise among professionals. This program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the main organization that coordinates the implementation of national and international standards in USA.


ANSI accreditation ensures that the analyst vibration certification program from Vibration Institute presents a clear, consistent process and maintains the highest standards for assessing the qualifications of professionals in an objective way. For the certified vibration analysts this program guarantees the technical competence and a way to advance in their careers. For employers, the certification validates the skills, competencies and knowledge of employees which will eventually result in better service, support and customer satisfaction based on safe and effective practices.





Prepare participants to be better and become more integrated as vibration analysts providing great advantages in an increasingly competitive market. This is structured by:

• Explanation of procedures to provide practical knowledge of machines
•  Case Studies to help analyze various types of equipment
• Demonstrations and workshops that illustrate methods for solving vibration problems



Directed to:


Aimed at technicians, technologists and professionals linked to the area of predictive maintenance, condition analysis, machine diagnostics, reliability and asset management interested in learning about the early diagnosis of machinery through the techniques associated with vibration analysis.